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New Place hotel works in partnership with High Performance Development which is a training organisation that develops bespoke programmes to ensure clients receive targeted training to meet their requirements.

HPD practice what they preach by using the right person for the right role. The team of consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of training and development areas, ensuring clients receive exceptional programmes. All HPD consultants come from diverse and interesting backgrounds such as leading teams to the South Pole, sailing around the world, climbing Everest, winning Olympic gold medals, being successful in business or being part of Britain’s elite special forces.

This allows HPD to bring programmes to life with real-life inspiring examples of how what they are teaching works, especially when the going gets tough. The team are experts at relating their experiences to clients’ own working situations and business issues ensuring the lessons are both relevant and beneficial


In today’s turbulent environment, leaders need to create a culture that will both drive and inspire their teams, ensuring individuals perform to their true potential and teams deliver sustainable high performance.

Developing leaders is a crucial part of any company’s growth, invest in them wisely and you will reap the rewards. But how do you motivate them to want to know what inspirational leadership is, and how do you inspire them to want make a difference?

Leadership should be enjoyable and rewarding. This should be mirrored in leadership training and development. At HPD we ensure that our programmes are not only relevant and beneficial, but inspiring and enjoyable.

Many people can talk about inspirational leadership but can they walk the talk? By using experiential learning, when it comes to leadership development, where putting theory into practice is an integral part of improving leadership skills, our delegates get the opportunity to experiment with the lessons they have learnt in the classroom in a safe and non-threatening environment.

By encouraging delegates to work in situations that are unfamiliar to them, just outside of their comfort zones, they can see how they operate and behave when under pressure.

The most important aspect of experiential learning is making the lessons learnt relevant to their own working environment. This is done through facilitated debriefs and discussion sessions.

Delegates will then be expected to produce personal action plans to implement back at work.

Our workshops are individually designed for all levels of leadership from first line managers on their first rung to strategic board workshops.

Our programmes will allow delegates to return to work with;

  1. Better personal awareness.
  2. Improved influencing and persuading skills.
  3. The ability to delegate more effectively.
  4. Better problem solving skills.
  5. Improved decision making skills.
  6. The ability to inspire and motivate others.
  7. Better knowledge of team dynamics and how to build high performing teams.
  8. An better understanding of emotional intelligence and how it can improve leadership.
  9. Personal action plans to implement back at work to improve performance.


Graduates are the future of your organisation. They are the leaders of tomorrow. How can you ensure that you recruit and retain the best people for your organisation?

By demonstrating from day one that you value your graduates and can offer a varied and comprehensive development programme you become more appealing which also helps increase retention and loyalty.

Our programmes are designed in conjunction with graduate development managers to ensure that they dovetail smoothly with the induction and overall development programme.

We aim to equip graduates with the skills needed for a successful transition from student life to the business world. By introducing them to fundamental leadership, teamworking and inter-personal skills, an understanding of emotional intelligence, health and well-being, presentation and communication skills – including how to make an impact for the right reason – graduates return to your business motivated and better prepared.

Our programmes also help bond the group into a self-supporting graduate network who build strong relationships throughout their graduate scheme that last throughout their careers.

Graduates will return to your business with:

  • Improved self confidence
  • An understanding of fundamental leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Improved self and time management
  • Better communication and presentation skills
  • Improved performance through increased energy levels by realising the importance of health and wellbeing
  • The ability to create effective working relationships through improved inter-personal skills
  • A better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Having developed a personal action plan based around their personal goals
  • Establishing a self-supporting network

Each programme is tailor-made to the specific requirements of individual companies but are similar in format, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. This combination of indoor theoretical work and outdoor practical application allows the theory to be put into practice ensuring the training is understood more clearly as well as being enjoyable, relevant, memorable and beneficial.

The theoretical aspect includes tutor input covering tried and tested models and theories – HPD’s own models, facilitated discussion sessions, syndicate group activities, psychometric profiling, 1:1 feedback and personal reflection and action planning.

The experiential learning is through practical application where teams carry out leadership tasks which are a series of enjoyable team challenges that are best described as light physical and cerebrally challenging.

Each task is followed by a facilitated debrief where teams discuss what went well, what didn’t and what could improved upon. Important lessons learnt are then drawn out and made relevant to their own working environment and issues they face.


Nobody is perfect but a team can be!
Meredith Belbin

Many people talk about being part of a high performing team, but when it comes to the crunch, are they world class winners / market leaders / effective and efficient, or are they just the “also rans?”

What is it that makes the difference between a finely tuned team, who continually perform at a high level, achieving outstanding results and a team that is dysfunctional and incapable of achieving success?

HPD run team workshops for new teams embarking upon new projects, mature teams that need an injection of motivation to get them re-energised, or high performing teams that are looking for those extra 1%ers to make the difference when operating at world class level.

Like many of our developmental programmes we believe these workshops should be enjoyable, challenging and relevant that an immediate impact and lasting change

By combining the lessons we have learnt from the military, sporting and business world, our unique programmes offer teams truly memorable experiences that bring the team closer together with a better understanding of the team’s dynamics, where the team’s strengths lie and an action plan for areas to improve upon.

Your team will come away with;

  • A better understanding of team dynamics
  • How to utilise the strengths within their team
  • An increased ability to work in colaboration
  • Improved communication skills
  • Understanding the benefits from cross functional working
  • The ability to deal with conflict
  • Improved morale and enthusiasm
  • Knowing one another better
  • Increased team pride
  • Ready to embrace change


Ordinary people who have achieved extra-ordinary things!

Many HPD consultants have achieved something special in their lives and can bring programmes and conferences alive by relating their stories and lessons learnt to everyday work situations and team and leadership issues.

We can design a presentation around your requirements, whether it is an inspiring presentation to motivate conference delegates or a day-long masterclass, our team of speakers will bring insightful and relevant lessons to your programme.

Speakers include;

  • Mark Denton
  • Humphrey Walters
  • Dee Caffari
  • Rebecca Stephens
  • Mark Ormrod
  • Will Carnegie

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